Our Farms and Practices

Sky Top Farms is family run and dedicated to sustainable farming and production methods.  We have great reverence for mother earth and all that call her home.  In 2002, Sky Top Farms was founded as a cooperation amongst small farmers and artisan producers to bring outstanding small batch products to market. We recognised the growing demand for delicious organic, natural and farmstead products, and we decided to turn our business focus to where our hearts and conscience always were. 

For over fifteen years we have brought the farmers market to your home by way of our outstanding, high-quality, artisanal, organic and natural products. Our philosophy is 'less is more' when it comes to offering wholesome products to the your families  table with simple super high quality ingredients. We invite you to reach for the top with Sky Top Farms and explore our flavourful and nutritious products! 

Our Cows

We are fully committed to family farming and keep our cow herd below 100 to ensure they get the tender loving care they deserve.  As well our cows get plenty of access to pasture as they enjoy a diet of grass fed goodness while they roam about, in addition to certified organic and non GMO haylage during inclement weather.  We are proud to say our cows are known by names, not numbers as part of our extended family. 

Our USDA certified organic dairy is certified and inspected by North American Supply Chain Food Safety (NSF) to ensure the highest quality, as well all our milk is OU Kosher Certified and inspected.  For these many good reasons we believe our organic grass-fed, unhomoginzed, cream at the top milk is best served in a champagne glass:)

Our Eggs

Every hen is raised with tender loving care on our small family farm and treated to an exclusively organic 100% grain diet.  

Our hens are family too!  As such we provide them with a safe environment with room to roost, scratch, ruffle their feathers and make beautiful music together.  They are all treated right because like our cows, happy hens lay happy eggs.

One taste of our nutritious, pure and organic goodness and you will see why we call them Super Eggs -eggceptional:) 

Our Deli Meats

Our birds are raised right, free from antibiotics and growth hormones, just pure healthy deli meat.  And when was the last time you saw less ingredients than -turkey, water & salt on a label?  Our "less is more" approach is the key to great tasting meat that is free from caregeenan, potato starch, and other fillers and additives common in the undsutry that add water weight. 

As well we never use grinds -just lean whole meat.  With no mystery ingredients you actually get more protein per serving with Sky Top Farms.    And oh the taste -please try some today as trying is believing.