Welcome to Sky Top Farms!

From our family to yours! 

Thank you for choosing to welcome our grass-fed, open pasture 100% organic milk and natural protein products  to your family!  Our dedicated family-run company is working every day to bring our healthy, simple, organic, pure and natural products to you.  We have the greatest reverence for mother earth and all that call her home so all our products are clean, simple and non-gmo.  

Here you will find information about our mission, the benefits of organic, grass fed (grass=goodness),  unhomogenized milk products  and our protein selection.  As well you will find out more about our down-home family approach to doing business the old fashioned way. 

As we are committed to constant improvement,  please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have, and as always we so appreciate when you...

Reach for the Top!!


Our Mission

Since 2002, Sky Top Farms has focused on Grass fed organic milk products, natural protein and a commitment to small family owned farms.  We believe less is more, so we keep our ingredient statement short and sweet.  Our products are artisanaly produced, which is a fancy word for making things the old fashioned way. 

We are family owned and operated and firmly believe in The Golden Rule our parents taught us, do unto others as you would have done unto you.  As such we have the deepest respect for the land and all the four and two legged creatures that roam upon it.  We are committed to bringing you and your family only the highest quality organic and natural products that are farmstead produced, hand crafted and simply delicious.

We invite you to Reach for the Top with Sky Top Farms and explore the flavorful, nutritious and delicious products we are so proud to offer!