Q.) Why grass fed cows?

A.) Research shows the added health benefits of grass fed milk.  Think about it -are people healthier eating grain all day or greens?  We believe our milk is healthiest when it comes from grass fed cows.

Q.) How do you treat your cows?

A.) We like to say, happy cows make happy milk!  Our cows have plenty of room to roam and are known by names not numbers.  We keep our heard well under 100 so there's plenty of fresh grass for them to enjoy and hay during inclement weather.  Our family business includes our cows in the family and goes above and beyond even organic standards. 

Q.) What does "unhomogenized" mean?

A.) Since we want to keep our product as close to raw as we can, we have opted out of the homogenization process, which changes the size of the fat molecules in milk and, some studies show, can be harmful to our health.   As such as they say, "the cream rises to the top" -as it should be enjoyed.

Q.) Is your milk pasteurised?

A.) Under federal law, all milk must be pasteurised to be sold unless bought right at the farm in certain states.  Unlike conventional organic milk products in the marketplace that uses ultra pasteurisation or htst at Sky Top Farms we aim to maintain the integrity, health benefits and great flavour of our grass fed milk.  We do this by using Kettle pasteurisation which gently warms up the milk in a kettle just enough to reach the minimum required temperature thus keeping more of the enzymes and great flavour intact.  We feel its as close as it gets to  raw!

Q.) Why is the shelf life of your milk shorter than other organic milks on the shelf?

A.) Many organic and conventional milk on the market have along shelf life (up to 90-180 days or longer!) because they are "ultra pasteurized," which means they are heated at an extremely high temperature.  This allows milk companies to distribute across a wide market, but we feel this compromises the taste and nutritional value.  Sky Top Farms aims to keep our milk fresh, local, unadulterated, grass fed and as healthful as possible.  As such we kettle pasteurize our milk just long and warm enough to knock out any harmful bacteria, and short enough to lock in the nutrients and flavor.  We produce in small batches and turn it around fast so what you enjoy just came off the farm in a matter of a few days, not weeks of months.

Q.) Are your dairy products safe for people with wheat and gluten allergies?

A.) Absolutely.  Our milk is 100% pure, no fillers or additives.